Statement Regarding Prevention of Okinawa Resort Waiting Cerilla Shooting

The Okinawa Resource Association is a member of Okinawa’s religious facilities, tourism and commercial facilities, chaheru, and municipal management areas (public facilities, nature conservation areas, and other municipalities). With a spirit of understanding and respecting culture and history, and obeying laws and public manners, as well as conducting sound shooting activities that do not hinder ceremonies and tourists from sightseeing. We will endeavor to prevent photography activities that violate the public manners of the law through the spread of these activities.

1) Purpose of disclosure of notification of guerrilla shooting prevention compliance business operators
By complying with the Okinawa Resort Wedding’s Statement on Prevention of Guerrilla Shooting (* 1) adopted by the Association, the Association will notify and publish photographers (association members) who perform sound shooting activities that do not violate public laws and regulations. We will show you the association member companies that customers can request wedding photography with confidence.
* 1 Please refer to the following statement for Okinawa Resort Wedding’s guerrilla prevention prevention statement:
2) Purpose of association members’ efforts to prevent guerrilla photography
We perform photography in accordance with laws and regulations, such as paid facilities and public facilities, at the shooting location.
Respect the history and traditions of Okinawa, observe the following specific rules for photography, and do not engage in any activities against public manners that damage nature, facilities, or cause inconvenience to locals and general tourists. Hmm.
For this reason, members may ask customers to understand the usage standards of facilities and obey the manners. In that case, please follow the instructions.
<Specific rules to observ>
The general public, do not take actions that hinder tourists (shooting is not a priority)
Archaeological sites and historic sites serve in awe and protection
We protect traffic and public manners in Okinawa
Keep off limits and do not perform dangerous activities
Do not enter private land without permission without permission
Take trash away and clean it.
Does not hurt nature or structures, such as picking flowers, breaking tree branches, moving structures
We will conduct enlightenment activities to observe the above rules.

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