The charm of conducting a resort wedding
in Onna Village

  1. Onna village has 11 chapels and nearly 10 shooting locations.
  2. There are 30 resort hotels, of which more than 10 have more than 100 rooms
  3. Since 2004, she has been at the Manza Hachi Hotel (ANA IHG) at the Okinawa Watahewe Tink Cha-Cher, and currently has more than 3,000 couples and weddings every year.
  4. Recently, diversified wetting services have been offered, including prewedding and honeymoon photography.
  5. Onna Village is mainly involved in the Onna Village Tourism Association, which is responsible for the development of shooting locations, environmental preservation, and the development and provision of locally produced gifit, as well as the residents and Onna Village's resort weaving activities, to further enhance the Onna Village's resort wedding. We are studying and understanding, and we are creating a mood that welcomes everyone.
  6. In addition, we apply for a Wetink photography application to each application location, and provide a part of the agency fee to the autonomous region of the imaging location to carry out clean and safe activities.

Onna Village
wedding hall and chapel

Onna Village Wedding Photo Spot

You can apply for a photo shoot and smile comfortably and comfortably. It takes about 3 to 4 hours from the preparation of hair makeup to the end of the shooting on the day of the shooting. Communicating well with the runner will help you capture the memories

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For commercial shooting permission is required.

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